Possibilities of introduction of the graduates on the labor market

The graduates of the Faculty for Juridical Sciences can join the labor market for different jobs  according to the job list  confirmed by COR. Thus:

Possible jobs according to COR:

Deputy of attorney general-11101; Judiciary Administrator-24129; Public Administrator-242208;  Administrator  of a  company-242111; Consular Agent-242212; Analyst for legislative armonization-261912; Research assistant in the domain of legal sciences-261916; Assistant director/responsible of functioning(advanced studies)-243217; University assistant-231001;  Diplomatic attache-111232; Internal listener in the public domain-241306; Lawyer-26101; Researcher in the domain of legal sciences- 261915; University lecturer; Public administration counsellor-242201; European affairs counsellor-242214; Ministry counsellor-111205; Counselor for legislative armonization-261910; Probation counsellor-261921; Diplomatic counsellor—11201; Counselor for work  force and unemployment-242301; Counselor for the government-111202; Counselor at public institutions-111204; Parliamentary consellor-111230; Presidential counsellor-111229; Counselor for authorized industrial property-261981; Counselor and law consulant-111203; Assurance counsellor-241245; Consul-111233; Presidential and governmental consultant-111236; Public administration consultant-242205; Diplomatic conveyer-243214; Solicitor director at a public institution-111208; General director at a public institution-111210; Public institution director-111207; Banking executor-261917; Judiciary executor-261901; Public acquisition expert-241946; Public administration expert-242202; Expert at enforcing harmonized legislation in the domain of industry and trading-242219; Expert in law armonization-261911; Expert at further training centers-231006; Expert at labor force and unemployment-2402302; Law expert-261903; Expert at prevention and fighting against corruption-261920; Expert/ borders inspector-335105; Formator-242401; Shaper of formators-242402; Actuary section chief(appellate court, tribunal, prosecutor’s office)-121901; Actuary head( tribunal prosecutor’s office)-121909; Assurances inspector-241206; Inspector coordinator of assurances-241246; Integrity inspector-242209; Specialty inspector  for labor force and unemployment-2402303; Specialty inspector for public administration-24203; Probation inspector-261922; Inspector in the judicial inspection for  prosecutors/judges near the plenum of Superior magistrates council-111132; Head inspector of Judiciary inspection near Plenum  of Superior magistrates council-111129; Head inspector in public administraton-111213; Judge-261202; Inspector judge-261204; Juriconsult-261102; University lecturer-231003; Liquidator-241218; Magistrate assistant-261203; Head magistrate assistant-111214;  Mediator-243202; Notary-261906; Organizer formation consultant-240403; Prefect-111218; Appellate court president; Court of Justice president-111113; Public institution president-111228; Section president(at the Higher Court of Cassation and Justice, Appellate Court, Tribunals and Judges)-111110; Tribunal president-111116; President of the Higher Court of Cassation and Justice-111110; First deputy of the general prosecutor-111120; General prosecutor-111118; University Profesor-231005; Professor in middle school-233002; Professor in high school and post highschool-233001;  Professor in professional education-232001; Spokesman-243206; Referent-331309; Specialty referent for labor force and unemployment-242305; Specialty referent in public administration-242204; External affairs referent-242215; Head secretary of the Superior council of Magistrature-241250; Head secretary of the government-111125; City Hall secretary-111302; Secretary at prosecution-334201; Specialist assurances system-241250; Second Prefect-111226; Second state secretary-111140; Viceconsul-111235; Vice-president( at the Higher Court of Cassation and Justice Appellation court, tribunals and judges)-111128; Head office at a public institution-111220; Head of department-111223; Head  of  the criminalities laboratory-121912; Head of  the state protocol-111224; Head of a  public  institution-111225.

New occupations  proposed to be introduced in COR:

Judiciary assistant, Criminalist expert, Officer in the system of order and public safety, practician in insolvency, actuary (higher studies), criminalist technician (higher studies).